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KaryoTutor is an interactive cytogenetics training app for learning karyotyping

With more than 120 cases, trainees will learn karyotyping in a matter of days.

  • Practice at your own pace.
  • Most clinically relevant ISCNs available.
  • Assign cases to students based on your training workflows.
  • Reference learning materials available.

If you wish to lean karyotyping in a fun, interactive manner - KaryoTutor is the right app for you. KaryoTutor allows you to work through each case and learn karyotyping and chromosome morphology, interactively.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to empower educators to provide genetics education. Specifically, for cytogenetics to generate a karyotype from a metaphase, simply, quickly and interactively.


As a tutor you may create classrooms, assign cases to students and monitor thier progress over time.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide access to cytogenetics training to all students and provide a powerful educational platform to trainees for self-paced cytogenetics learning.

Drag, rotate, arrange chromosomes and view case score instantly.

Trainees are presented with a metaphase and karyotype.

  • Identify each chromosome.
  • Place it on the karyotype.
  • Generate score and complete karyotype.

Learn from more than 120+ different cases. Most clinically relevant ISCNs covered. Cases from prenatal, cancer and other genetic abnormalities included.

Generate a karyotype score instantly and check your progress interactively.

When you are assigned a case in karyotutor, you have to identifiy the chromosomes and arrange them on a karyotype. As you work through the case you may generate a score instantly and monitor your case progress.

Pace your learning by setting your own goals

  • Review case score instantly.
  • Review color coded correct, incorrect and paritally correct chromosomes.
  • Reset a case and work it as may times as you wish.
  • Unlimited attempts at generating scores.

Well curated reference materials included.

KaryoTutor provides reference materials for trainees to learn chromosome morphology. These include chromosome libraries and its description.

With KaryoTutor you do not have to look anywhere else for learning cytogenetics. You get an all integrated seamless experience.

  • Single chromosome libraries.
  • Single chromosomes in varying band resolutions.
  • Supporting text description.
  • Learn chromosomes as you karyotype - a poweful combination.

Learn the ISCN nomenclature as you karyotype.

When using karyotutor you will be able to answer a case questionnaire. Here you can test your ISNC skills and practice to generate "mini" reports.

Learn and become profecient at cytogenetics.

  • Learn ISCN nomenclature.
  • Annotate your cases with ISCNs.
  • Generate mini case reports.

Educator Features

Build your own training program


Organize your students into classrooms. Create as many classrooms as you like.

Case Batches

Create groups of cases. Assign cases to classrooms. Automate you training program.


More than 120+ cases to choose from. Normals, abnormals, prenatal, cancer and more.


Review trainee list, cases, classrooms, case batches and more from a single dashboard interface.


Review trainee gradings easily and seamlessly. Interact with trainees.


Review trainee progress across all classrooms. Enable block test and review trainee submitted case questionnaires.


Interactive Karyotyping

46, XX


46, XY


46, XY


46, XY


47, XX, +13


47, XX, +15


47, XX, +21


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