Interactive Cytogenetics Training

Interactive Karyotyping

KaryoTutor is an online karyotyping learning tool. It interactively guides trainees through the process of learning chromosomes and generating a karyotype. Trainees generate scores and use the reference library for enhanced learning.

Foundations in industry standards
Expanded learning experience

Our expert cytogeneticists designed KaryoTutor for the workplace. It imparts training for the cytogenetics lab. Training cases are carefully selected and prepared and delivered by KaryoTutor.

Normal & Abnormal case ISCN

In KaryoTutor you can work on more than 100 cases as many time as you wish. We have collection of ISCN ranging from the normals to the abnormals including very complex cases. Metaphase, prometaphase and cancer spreads included. All cases are available to all users.

For the organization
For the trainer

Let KaryoTutor take care of the training. Trainers may create classrooms, case batches, perform audit trails and grade students progress. Trainer time is maximized by offloading the training efforts to KaryoTutor. Trainees and trainers may collaborate & interact at a higher level.